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There was a girl living in a small barn apartment who came up with a BIG idea {that girl was me, Danielle}. The date was October 17th, 2006 {I know a loooong time ago}. This girl decided to start a blog on a little platform called blogspot {see I told you this was a long time ago when blogging was a new frontier}.  The idea was fairly showcase western fashion with a high fashion twist. A blogspot was claimed and being a big dreamer a tax id was even formed.  It didn't take long and this little blog began getting a lot of readers and some attention other brands. Soon the decision was made to do something only mainstream fashion blogs had begun doing and that was monetizing.  In less than 6 months, Western Glamour had grown to the point we finally owned a domain and had developed just an idea into a full-fledged business.  Like any new business especially one growing in a very new field, there were some big bumps in the road and the learning curve was steep but we kept growing. WG became a new standard and really broke some pretty big boundaries.
But life threw some curve balls...babies were born, life changed, some burn out happened, and the decision was made to sell WG so new chapters could be born.   I walked away from my big idea and focused solely on design and marketing. I left blogging and went behind the scenes. I love helping new brands and helping bloggers bring their visions to life but there was part of me that really missed fashion and lifestyle work. I missed styling outfits and writing about trends.  I missed some of the old things that really started my career.  In 2016, I started toying with the idea of owning a boutique but being in the midst of a move from Illinois to Wyoming, it wasn't a really feasible idea.  Fast forward to 2017, I was still dreaming of owning a store. I was designing for clients and in fact even rebranded WG, all while working on a plan for a boutique. There was no set start date, not even a name, just notes in a notebook and an overflowing secret Pinterest board.  Then one day fate stepped in.....Judy came to me about wanting to sell WG and had asked me to market the sale.  She dropped a little hint that maybe I should step back in and re-develop the brand but I quickly dismissed the idea. See I wasn't the same girl from 2006. Hell, I wasn't even the same girl from 2012. My days with WG were done.  That same day I came across my old tax id forms, an old article about the site, style guide, and some project photos.  I mentioned these to a friend who simply said "Why don't you get it back and make it your boutique?"  After a million "reasons" why I didn't think I should, I said screw it.  Less than 24 hours after the site being for sale, I became the new/old owner of the brand.  I surprised my husband with the news and the next day had our business licence and made the first inventory order.  In less than 72 hours, I had started the process to build my dream under the name of what I thought was a long expired dream.
So here we are....we are starting small, just like we did in 2006 but the idea is big and my gut says the revival of Western Glamour will be something worthy of celebrating.  So THANK YOU...thank you to those who have supported this brand from the very beginning, thank you to those just discovering us and giving us a chance to share our vision, and thank you to those who kicked me in the ass and told me it was time to put up or shut up.  Without all of you, WG would have disappeared years ago.
Here is to the future and remember all you need in life is More Glitter, Less BS #moreglitterlessbs