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Procrastinators Unite...Last Minute Gift Ideas

Danielle Whitaker

Posted on December 18 2017

So by a show of hands, who is still working their way down their holiday gift list?
Raise Your Hand
I am not going to even pretend that I am on the gift giving game...oh hell to the no! In fact, I was just ordering gifts and paying crazy fees to get them here in time before I started this post.  But never fear, my beautifully behind friends, we can still make magic happen. Here is a quick rundown of some gifts that would make anyone on your list feel the love. 
Items for the Boss Lady or One Who Slays Every Day
 We all know that coffee is a necessary part of the daily hustle and I am a firm believer in fueling the day in style. These travel mugs are the perfect pick!
Lace Coffee Mug
Pink Peony Mug
This fun Boss Lady Name Plate is perfect for staking claim to ones desk, we all need to recognize who runs this circus.
Bossy Lady Name Plate  
For Your Bestie
She is your partner in crime, your squad, the Robin to Your Batman....this is the gal you call on during the best and worst at times. So she deserves something worthy of that position!
Like an ultra cool version of the best friends necklaces we rocked in junior high, the girl gang necklace is a fun medal of honor for your favorite soul friend.
Stemless Wine Glasses                           Wine nights just got fancier with these stemless ombre wine glasses! Drink up, girlfriend!
For The Men On Your List
Don't EVEN get me started on how difficult it is shopping for my husband! I mean we are talking, completely clueless on what to put under the tree (that isn't a 50 cal)  but I can safely say these items could be the answer to some of your shopping woes!
Wood Veneer Flask Gun Hand Coasters Beer Flight Board     
There you have it, my holi-dazed lovely, some quick and easy gift ideas that we can have wrapped up and shipped out to you in the morning! Don't forget we are offering free shipping on all orders but after Wednesday, we have no guarantee they will arrive in time. So get shopping!
Miss the deadline....we also have gift cards!!!