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Love Is In the Air...Valentines Day Treats

Danielle Whitaker

Posted on February 07 2018

Yes, I know it is a Hallmark Holiday. And yes, we can argue about how cheesy and cliche it is but I love Valentines Day!! There I said it! I love glittery hearts, over the top bouquets, chocolate, and simply any excuse to show the world how much I love the people in my life. I use February 14th to celebrate everyone in my life in the cheesiest most over the top ways; even my dogs.  Love of any kind is inspiring and I vote that we all celebrate this day in glam, fabulous ways. 

For Your Girls

I am a big fan of showing love to the besties! I have an amazing small group of girlfriends who don't care if I am in yoga pants with unwashed hair and stressing out over work, they have my back. These are the ladies who step up to help without being asked, share in your success and listen to your hysterics when life just isn't fair. They deserve celebration. So here are few picks for the special ladies in your life. 

Gilded Soap

Lace Mug

Sativa Necklace

For The Guys

I feel like sometimes we all drop the ball when it comes to the men in our lives on Valentines Day. Really, this day is normally more focused on us ladies but the men need some love too! Here are some guy approved gifts that are sure to make their day!

Beard Balm

Rocks Glass

Pint Glass

Sweet Treats For All

Chocolate doesn't judge, chocolate doesn't mind if you lay in bed and binge watch Netflix. Chocolate is always a good choice. Especially chocolate that is AMAZING and handcrafted!

Sea Salt Carmel

Candy Bar

Kitchen Sink Bar

There you have it my amazing, gorgeous people! Valentines is worthy of celebrating because love is awesome and at the end of the day who doesn't adore spoiling those in our life just a little bit more!


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