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Flawsome: Learn From Your Mistakes

Danielle Whitaker

Posted on August 01 2017

Thomas Edison said "I failed my way to success"
I have seen this quote a million times and it never truly resonated till last week. Right after regaining ownership of WG, plans were put in motions. Big, scary moves made and I dove head first into opening this boutique. After years of working in the design sector and marketing, I had very clear vision of what our aesthetic would be. So I got to work. Inventory ordered and the online home of WG was built.
We got our first order. And then another. And you know how the story goes. Sounds all fabulous and great, right? Oh let me be a bit transparent here....CLUSTER F**K. My initial plan was for WG to live and breathe on another platform which allowed my design quirks to thrive. There were plenty of apps that were supposed to make inventory and shipping a breeze. Negative, ghost rider. Nope and NOPE. All this and realizing that some brands aren't as prompt with their shipping as they advertised and I suddenly found myself overwhelmed, drowning, and in tears. 
Kim K
Kim K. playing me last week 
Had I made a huge mistake? Should I have simply just kept this dream a dream? And was I cut out to build this? Why was I already in panic mode so soon after opening?
I straight up felt helpless. Then I stopped and took a deep breathe and tapped into my experiences and made a plan of action.  And here we are...brand new month and a brand new season. The last few days I have been transferring inventory and orders to the new system, fine tuning our branding, and getting my ducks in a row. You know what I discovered? That this "obstacle" may have actually have been a huge blessing. In fact, this new set up is even more fabulous than the first round. 
The lesson in this all is something that can apply to all areas of life.....just because the first version of things doesn't go as hoped, don't just throw in the towel. Take a breathe and tap into the inner bad ass and rework things.  Among all the chaos, creativity can start to surge.  And sometimes it is all ok to admit you are a haute mess express, you are in good company! Big shout out to everyone who has hung on and kept encouraging during the big move.
In honor of those days where we are the ringmaster of our own circus


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