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Beauty In Details

Danielle Whitaker

Posted on February 12 2018

I have never taken style lightly. I believe the way you dress is the ultimate way to express your personality to the world. Your ensembles should excite you, give confidence, and inspire.  This mindset is probably why I am so fanatical about details. I struggle with "basic" because without some interesting features there is no excitement.  Details are the magic, details are memorable. 
When I buy for the store, hours upon hours are spent because I am truly that picky. Things need to feel good and have a special appeal. They need to be pieces that can travel, go on adventures, and make BIG statements.
The need for details becomes most obvious in the jewelry we bring in. The feeling of real stones, leather, and craftsmanship is my jam. Each and every piece needs a unique twist!  Same for apparel,  texture and embellishments make me swoon. One of my favorite things is back detail and fringe!
Free Bird Vest
Well thought out details can make any ensemble a statement maker. Have fun with your fashion, step outside your safe zone, and create a look you love.
Ranch to Runway


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