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All Work And No Play, Make D A Dull Girl

Danielle Whitaker

Posted on October 09 2017

Do you remember in The Shining where Jack Nicholson totally loses his crap, left us all having nightmares for years and resisting the urge to run off to mountain hotels in the dead of winter? 


So last week, I feel like I had a "shining" moment without the creepy twins and murderous rage obviously but it was one of those "I am at DONE" moments. We had just completed our very first local event and I was simply exhausted. Inventory is lower than drought impacted creek, my house a complete unorganized disaster, and I hadn't had a conversation without being spotlighted by the glow of my phone in weeks. 


What should have been a celebratory mood over the fact our growth has been amazing the last few months felt almost like drudgery. The 12-14 hour days finally caught up with not only me but those I love too. There was the realization that I hadn't worked out in months and if you know me on a personal level you know that working out and meditation are things that I consider as important as clean air for my happiness. We hadn't even decorated for Halloween which is a cardinal sin and the only real conversations I had with my husband were 30 mins over coffee some mornings and quick texts here and there. It seemed that life took on a new path where being busy was the number 1 focus and everything else was left piled in a corner. Then the Las Vegas tragedy happened......thoughts stood still and what's really important in the grand scheme of things came into focus once again.  I shared on Instagram that I had posts scheduled for that day but I couldn't bring myself to post them. I just couldn't. Sharing fashion and material things just seemed wrong in the light of it all. 

So I stepped away from work and social media for the most part of the week. I handled some business and life matters that had fallen thru the cracks then thought long and hard about next steps and how to make them without other parts of suffering. 

Happy Girls

The truth for us ALL is that happiness is truly the most glamorous and necessary accessory one can have. I can curate the most glorious collection EVER but without true happiness, it's just clothes. A mask so to speak.  I can work hours upon hours, following all the steps needed to build a long standing brand but if at the end of the day I am drained and no longer enjoying the journey, what's the point? Without a healthy personal/professional life balance, it is only a matter of time till something starts to suffer. This realization got me thinking of the heart and soul of WG, a brand I created so many years ago to serve as an creative outlet and a way to share my love of really great style. So we are headed back to the root of many things starting today! I am instituting some major changes into this game. Balance is being restored and we scaling down so to speak.

  • Brick and mortar, still happening but we aren't rushing to open in the next week. But there will be more local events as we work towards it. 
  • We are bringing back the blog portion of the site. My goal at the beginning was to blog at least once a week and that hasn't happened. WG started as a blog and those roots are important to me. 
  • Our poor ignored VIP group on Facebook is going to receive more attention. Our VIP members will get first crack at new arrivals and a few other perks. 
  • Being so low on inventory allows me to really fine tune what I bring in for you all. The loss of balance and realization that I am not alone in juggling business, babies, and home has got me thinking a lot about what kinds of products would bring a little more glamour into our lives. What kinds of things are wearable, versatile yet still statement making? And what little fun items would simply make you smile on the days that suck? Our busy life and the struggle to do it all is fueling my buying, so stay tuned!!
  • We are organizing and structuring our wholesale line. Oh that line took off like crazy and added a new element of stress. So we are restructuring and adding a little element of "special"  for our retailers. 
  • I am setting business hours. I never thought it was truly necessary being solely online till I found myself returning emails FROM BED AT 10 PM!!! I will now be available from 8-4pm Monday-Friday. I will ship out on Saturday mornings still but I won't be answering emails, taking wholesale orders on FB, or "working" unless we have an event. I love what WG is becoming but I love my family more and they deserve me to be a bit more present than I have been. 
  • This girl is getting back to taking her vitamins, working out, and being the healthy eating fanatic that I had been for quite awhile till I became "too busy" to devote any attention to it. Self care and love is so important! 

So there you have it...Our WG state of the union address.  I want to leave you with something to we set our eyes upon success, we must make sure the version of success we are building towards truly fits what we need to feel happy and at peace. It is different for each of us but too often we fall into the common definition of what is needed to be considered a success.  For some, true success is a profitable business with hundreds of thousands of social media followers. For others, success is making sure they make a magazine worthy home cooked dinner every night. Define YOUR OWN version of success. Find that balance of what you need to feel happy and don't let anyone or anything force you from that path. 



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